1. Haruka Salt
    Brooklyn, New York
  2. musclecars
    Brooklyn, New York
  3. Brandon Markell Holmes
    Chicago, Illinois
  4. Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue
    Brooklyn, New York
  5. derek muro
    Brooklyn, New York
  6. I.M YONI
    Mexico City, Mexico
  7. French Horn Rebellion
    Brooklyn, New York
  9. Monsieur Van Pratt
    Mexico City, Mexico
  10. LEFTI
    Brooklyn, New York
  11. Justin Faust
    Munich, Germany
  12. GMGN
    Boston, Massachusetts
  13. jerry bouthier
    London, UK
  14. Palavas
    Avignon, France
  15. JoelAtTheDisco & NIGHTINGALE
    Los Angeles, California
  16. Database
    São Paulo, Brazil
  17. Drop Out Orchestra
  18. Drop Out Orchestra & Monsieur Van Pratt
    Brooklyn, New York


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